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Pretty Content Mentorship Program


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Pretty Images Writer's Group is a writing group designed to connect women together to write the stories that infiltrate our culture, history and lives. This group inspires, motivates and supports the writing endeavors of others to develop and grow as a professional industry writer. This group is for aspiring writers, intermediate and veteran writers in the genre of screenwriting. ​The goal of this group:

  • Accountability from other writers in a helpful, respectful and professional manner

  • Celebrate, Champion & Collaborate with each other

  • Network with like minded content creators & writers

  • Receive industry and professional insight

  • Write compelling stories to publish and produce  

Pretty Images Writers Group Pretty Content Mentorship for College Students is a virtual 12-month initiative for 7 college writers with a voice that focuses on telling stories about women. With two in-person gatherings with the opportunity to film their content. It is an opportunity for college students to spend a year developing their career path and exploring the process of content production for public media.  


  • Each participant receives one-on-one mentorship from professionals with rich experience in video/television production who will share insights and provide guidance to help mentees advance towards their filmmaking goals.  

  • PIWG provides opportunities to network with industry professionals through both virtual and in-person sessions. 

  • Participants will meet monthly for virtual workshops delivered by the Founder of Pretty Images Writers Group to further equip the participant with the necessary skills to advance their career in public media. 

  • Topics may include crafting treatments and proposals, pitching, budgeting, funding strategies, story development, licensing, distribution, and standards & practices. 

  • Participants will be a part of cohort meetings in order to cultivate connections, build their team, accountability and encouragement.


  • Two-day orientation in June in Washington, D.C. at the office of Sarea-Flo Productions. 

  • Each participant selected will participate in a 12-month Mentorship Program for distribution on a new media streaming platform. 

  • Participants should be prepared to spend up to 12 hours per month on meetings, assignments, and other activities, all meetings aside from the Annual Meeting will take place virtually. 


  • College Student 

  • Participants can have previously written scripts. However scripts can not be currently in the pre-production phase nor previously or currently produced. Only original scripts and new material will be accepted. 

  • Participants must be available in-person for orientation in June

  • Participants should be able to focus their storytelling on defining the female voice. Displaying the following: career, education, financial status, friendships, health issues, marriage, motherhood, racism, relationships, sexism, trauma. Issues that have been traditionally underrepresented in media regarding women, including but not limited to groups identified by race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, geographic location, socio-economic status, and other factors.

  • There will be special consideration for applicants with experience or work history in video/television production. 



April 15, 2024 - Application opens 

June 19, 2024 - Application closes 

June 20, 2024 - July 8, 2024  - Application review period 

July 24, 2024 - July 31, 2024 - Finalists Interviews 

August 12, 2024 - Final Notification 

January 4, 2025 - Orientation 


Please complete the online application for the Pretty Content Mentorship Program

This program are for individuals enrolled into a full-time college program. Whether it is a undergraduate or graduate program. Students will submit an online application along with a $75.00 application fee. 


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Student Identification Card

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Writing Sample 

(If your writing sample does not upload please send your writing sample to this email address:

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Please tell us, Why you should be selected to be apart of this mentorship program?

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