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Pretty Images Writer's Group is a writing group designed to connect women together to write the stories that infiltrate our culture, history and lives. This group inspires, motivates and supports the writing endeavors of others to develop and grow as a professional industry writer. This group is for aspiring writers, intermediate and veteran writers in the genre of screenwriting.

The goal of this group:

  •   Accountability from other writers in a helpful, respectful and professional manner

  • Celebrate, Champion & Collaborate with each other

  • Network with like minded content creators & writers

  • Receive industry and professional insight

  • Write compelling stories to publish and produce 


If you have question about joining please send them to


  • Accountability 

  • Achieve Writing Goals 

  • Coaching 

  • Constructive Critique 

  • Collaborative Work 

  • Developmental Growth 

  • Encouragement & Support 

  • Events

  • Help with creating your story 

  • Networking 

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The Beginner Writer

Fascinated by the entire concept of being able to write a script that turns into a television show or a movie. You need guidance, direction, accountability and structure to help you to create the ideas you have in your head. 

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The In-Between Writer

You know how to write a script however you want to work on the development of your work. You need to be around others who can aid in your growth by providing constructive criticism, valuable feedback and accountability. 

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The Veteran Writer

Have written several scripts and loves to add value to a group by sharing feedback as well as be held accountable for your own writing. 

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