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Interns “Black on the Block” Experience

On Sunday July 17 2022, Sarea-Flo Productions interns attended the first ever Black on the Block event in Washington D.C. presented by Stefon Diggs. This event featured 100+ vendors, food, music, art, installations, dancing and networking. Vendors ranged from selling clothing items, to hair products, to homemade food and much more. The goal of the event is to provide a space for Black-owned businesses to flourish.

Interns David, Hamirah, Kenlaun, Isaiah, Phillonda & Sarah were onsite covering the event. They met with vendors, captured media coverage, explored the event and networked. This was also the first time some of the interns got to meet each other in person which was a great team building experience.

There was a panel titled “Black on the Block- Bolstering Black Entrepreneurship and Creatives” moderated by Senior Executive Vice President of Forbes Rashaad Lambert and featured Stefon Diggs and Char and Lanie Edwards who are the founders of Black on the Block Pop Up. The panel talked about the impact and mission of Black on the Block, and the impact they are making in the black community.

One of the most meaningful messages that Stefon stated was “ A lot of my initiatives are always geared towards either youth, younger kids, single mothers or women in general. I directly relate to that because I lost my father when I was 14 and watched my mom raise me. That's my superman and superwoman, so shout out to the single mothers and women just making it happen.” This demonstrated his motivation for partnering with the creators of Black on the Block Char and Lanie Edwards and bringing the event to Washington D.C.

Not only was there a panel and vendors, there were DJs who played a range of Hip hop, AfroBeats and Dancehall and of course, Go-Go for audiences of all ages to dance and sing to. The vibes were immaculate as event goers were supporting businesses, eating delicious food and enjoying the VIP experience. There was something to do in every corner of Franklin Park allowing event goers to experience the event to the fullest.

Interns also entered the VIP area and took pictures with Stefon Diggs, interviewed Senior Executive Vice President of Forbes Rashaad Lambert and allowed us to capture more media coverage.

This experience was definitely worthwhile and can’t wait to see it again next year!

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