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More Creating, Writing & Planning

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Let’s get to business, what are we currently creating for you all?

Creating, Writing and Planning...Part 2

It’s been three weeks already into the internship and there are many projects we are working on. Here is what our other interns are currently working on.

Cameron- Set Production Assistant

“As a Set Production Assistant for Sarea-Flo Productions, I am working on a few different tasks and an event that is centered around connecting community members with Sarea-Flo Productions. I am excited for the creative projects that we are also working on as a part of our assignment with MBSYEP! We interns have some awesome ideas that I am looking forward to seeing come to fruition as we continue this summer!”

Hamirah- Office Production Assistant

“My name is Hamirah Jones and I joined Sarea Flo production because I wanted the experience with videography. My project is on Mental Health patient and doctors perspectives. The goal of my video is to bring awareness.”

Isaiah- Post Production Assistant

"It's been humbling to learn and work with such passionate and studious colleagues at Sarea-Flo Production! My tenure thus far has been incredibly informative and eye-opening, and I've come to relish the creative (and technical) process that comes with producing content so far with Sarea-Flo Productions."

David - Set Production Assistant

The first two weeks of the program I worked on finding future locations in the DMV we could use for meetings. I also worked on structuring the outlines for the scripts of both my PSA and documentary. I really enjoy the work that I have been doing and I look forward to finishing my scripts.

Ayana - Producer’s Assistant

I am currently working on my short film videos, "Urban Famine and Broke Babies” which will cover food and health shortage within low-income communities and financial literacy among Gen Z. I feel passionate about these two topics because as a woman of color and a part of generation Z I am impacted by the lack of resources given to me as well. Urban Famine will show clear signs of gentrification in DC and how low-income neighborhoods are last to receive healthy food stores and resources versus white communities. And my "Broke babies” short film will show how money management courses should be included into our class courses in high school, to properly prepare young adults for life.

Keep reading for more surprises!

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