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Creating, Writing and Planning

Let’s get to business, what are we currently creating for you all?

Creating, Writing and Planning...Part 1

Our summer interns have been working diligently on the tasks assigned to them and collaborating with each other to get the ideas flowing. From Zoom meetings, to breakout sessions, to working on our individual projects, each intern has been making progress each day and working towards enhancing the brand of Sarea-Flo Productions. Let’s learn more about what each intern has been up to.

Sarah- Marketing and Publicity Assistant

In my Marketing and Publicity role, I have been working on the press releases, blog posts, and updating the company’s linkedin profile. I personally enjoy updating the Linkedin profile since I have been using Linkedin often for personal purposes in finding opportunities and now I am able to manage a business account. For my personal writing project, I finally thought of two titles and pieces I want to focus on. The Dance Gem of DC which is about the Beat Ya Feet dance, which is truly a dance gem of Washington, D.C.. Also, “The Battle of the Pupusa” will highlight the best Pupusa restaurants in the DMV.

Kenlaun Mitchell - Office Assistant Production

What I have learned in the first two weeks working for SYEP has helped me develop my writing skills some more by writing scripts and learning more about the job. Also, I am currently working on a 15 sec and 30 sec PSA about how the Closure of Historically Black Colleges is affecting Black college education in this PSA. I am working on making a difference in the HBCU community as well as keeping the legacy alive for the next generation.

Kiara McRae - Social Media Assistant

I am currently working on two scripts, one about a hidden figure in journalistic history and the other about the nerd subculture. I’m specifically focusing on Black people and the targeted discrimination we face because we participate in cosplaying, our favorite characters and why we’ve decided to make solely Black/POC spaces for ourselves. So far, I feel very secure in my position, in both the writers group and social media team, and excited about finishing my projects. I’m passionate about history and being a part of many fandoms. The first two weeks are always challenging and engaging so I’m really excited to see the end results of everyone’s projects!

Phillonda Williams - Social Media Assistant

I am working in the video production department creating two PSA commercials around the topics of fashion and gun violence. I’m also managing Sarea-Flo’s Instagram and Tik Tok accounts, creating and posting content to boost community engagement with the business. The first two weeks here at Sarea- Flo have been informative, as well as active, with non stop work to make sure the business prospers fully within the next four weeks. I’m excited about my projects and hope that they reach more than just the local DC area.”

Taariq Saadiq - Producer's Assistant

"In week two, I've been given the task of reaching out to black owned businesses in the District for possible video production partnerships. So far I've only gotten a few responses but I feel really good about getting more in the coming weeks. I have also been working on a few 5 page scripts for my personal projects which have been coming along nicely. All in all, I've been really satisfied with my pace of work as Ms. Mack has made sure not to give so many responsibilities that I am swamped, but just enough to where I am challenged."

Keep checking out our blog to see what we are up to next!

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